swim life


Swimfinn llc was founded in 2011 by Atlanta Swimming Coach and Instructor, Colleen Finn.

For those of us who have spent a lifetime swimming, we are well too aware of the pros and cons of the sport. Many mornings in the pool turn to days & nights of itchy skin and a chlorine smell that seeps from our pores. 

Chemical-free solution

We spent a year in our research phase searching for the best all-natural ingredients that could be combined with essential oils and a nourishing soap base to create the perfect after-swim soap for little swimmers (and big swimmers!) While other chlorine removing products may rely on pH balancing chemicals, we do our best to get great results with the safest ingredients available.


Small batch production

Something else we learned along the way was that natural ingredients have a shelf life. Our orders are made and filled each week. Your soap, and its ingredients, will never be pulled from a warehouse where they have been sitting for months or even years. 

We take extreme care and pride in everything we do and it shows in the smiles on our customers' faces and the glow of their skin.



Just keep swimming
— Dory, Finding Nemo